• Starring DA FUEGO
  • written by JUSTICE HOWARD

“The Devil asked me how I knew my way around the halls of hell.

I told him I did not need a map for the darkness that I know so well.”

        Sometimes we have cuts so deep they laser beam the very depths of our spirits.  Childhood trauma, family mayhem, and life experiences all take their toll. This is one man’s journey through this wreckage with the torturous Father he called MONSTRO and his revelatory battle with the devils and angels on his back. The first chapter “M IS FOR MONSTER” deals with his unbelievable childhood at the hands of his father who relentlessly and horrendously tortured him during his entire childhood and was a virtual human monster. Our story then rolls on to his first kill at 14 years of age in retribution for his 84 year old grandmother’s rape and sodomy. We will enlighten you on how, at this young age he turned ‘independent contractor’ and went on to annihilate over 300 men for the people who hired him to do what he calls “pest control.”  The second chapter “E IS FOR ESCOBAR” is an account of what it was like to hang with Pablo Escobar. Yah, we have all seen NARCOS so we all know that Drug Lord stuff, but this is private information from a family member who knew him well. You’ll hear what it was like to hang with and work for Pablo Escobar, El Chapo and the Mafia and what Whitey Bolger and The Iceman were really like as well as the true story of Popeye from a one man annihilation crew who has eliminated over 300 people all by himself. Fuego in Spanish means ‘fire’. Our hero got that nickname from lighting people on fire during his job in ‘pest control’. This is Dah Fuego’s own story as he comes forth trying to wipe his bloody slate clean and find some redemption during a time in his life when kindness is his propeller and Jesus is at the helm.

          If you are a fan of the ID crime channel then this book is definitely for you. It makes your ID channel programs SNAPPED and FEAR THY NEIGHBOR look like a kindergarten Dick & Jane romp. You have the internet, you have your Kindle and Smashwords, but I guarantee you won’t find anything like this in any of those places.  A fast-paced, clean, no-frills read that will change the way you think about just about everything.


Most books of this nature are fiction. 

  This one’s real.

                                      It’s going to be a dark journey.

                                                                            Strap up and get ready to roll.