Most people run the other way when you even speak the word Voodoo. They run screaming. I ran TOWARD it like a crazy fearless fireman running toward the fire. To make it even more sensational, I used real human remains as props in this series. Real human skulls, human hands in jars, bones, tibias, fibula and of course my necklace of real human teeth that I fabricated especially for this project. The press release accompanied with this blurb will show you the Voodoo book which my publisher keeps telling me “the world is not ready for.”
Our spirits are like cherry pies. This means that our whole spirit is not the whole pie in its entirety but merely a pie cut into many different parts. Each slice encapsulates a different and synonymous part of your being. Those of us who are “without labels” and unidentifiable have more slices that are random and unpredictable. My slices are scattershot but in the long game they all make up the entire pie. One of these slices is an inherently dark one. I embrace that slice of pie and welcome the darkness that lives like a hard ominous pit inside the sugar coated cherries that live inside its crust. This book took me 2 years to document, it was a remarkable journey of an undertaking. I hope you will embrace it.