The world renowned photography of Visual Artist Justice Howard is a journey through all things shrouded in beauty. Now entering a third decade as one of the few cutting edge photographers unopposed to risk, she has 9 hardcover books to her credit as well as appearances in 34 anthologies. Delving far beneath what first meets the eye is Justice’s specialty, and it is she who is responsible for thousands of iconic images of a multitude of memorable personalities, both obscure and insanely famous. Icons such as Penn & Teller, Waylon Jennings, Dick Dale, Dave Navarro, Mamie Van Doren, Lou Ferrigno and thousands more grace her imagery. She is possessed of a transcendent gift that enables her to effortlessly affix the essence of her subjects’ human frailties, as well as their triumphs, upon the film. Laying bare for the viewer much more than mere inked flesh, Howard’s works are evocative pieces of art that appeal to everyone from the casual observer to the most refined aesthete. Entire venues, from a posh Washington D.C. watering hole, to the upscale Lord Balfour Hotel in South Beach that graces her art as 30 foot wall murals in 64 of its rooms, have been designed from the ground up in shrine-like reverence for her imagery. Many museum shows and over 65 gallery shows to her credit, her work is rightfully recognized for its unique flair for the dark and edgy nature of raw imagery. She’s the sound of rapping pipes on a Harley Davidson, her shutter snapping powerfully like the whip-crack from a Dominatrix. A rebel with a lens, 10 years sober and a passion for iconic imagery.