I have 8 books out now. 6 hardcovers and two non fiction crime books on Amazon. You can look under the drop downs here under MY BOOKs to check each one out individually. REVELATIONS is a tattoo lifestyle book with alot of celebs and musicians in it. It’s named after REVELATIONS 6:8 in the Bible. Then another tattoo lifestyle book with bigger musicians and celebs than the first one. PENN & TELLER, SLIM JIM PHANTOM, DICK DALE, etc etc. RENEGADES only had a run of 100 copies and its a huge 12 x 18 inch book that’s sold out now. Then there’s my TERRIBLE THINGS serial killer book you can get on Amazon Kindle. Then there’s my new book on Voodoo I wrote with my coauthor Voodoo Queen BLOODY MARY. These books are published by Schiffer Publishing and can all be searched for on Amazon. The links are in these drop downs. Have at it.